Region IV Women’s Shelter
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The story…

WMOM Lake Jump 2001 marked the first year that the jump was used as a fundraiser. Ludington Annual Harbor Master Competition was getting underway and MOM’s Morning Spin Host Josh Aspen was elected to represent the Region IV Women’s Shelter.

Josh and co-host Scotty Mac worked out a plan to incorporate the lake jump into Josh’s fund raising efforts. It was agreed that WMOM Listeners would call in to “nominate” people to take the plunge by pledging a donation the Women’s Shelter in their name. The Lake Jump “Nominee” then had two options. He or she could match the total pledge and stay dry, or he or she had to take the plunge! The plan worked great as family, friends and co-workers of those nominated started piling on the bids.

When it was all said and done, over 50 people took the plunge and almost $5,000.00 was raised. Josh went on to win the Harbor Master Competition and the tradition of the WMOM Lake Jump continued to grow.


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