Author: Heather Bush

Dollar-for-Dollar Match

EVERY GIFT IS MATCHED DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR! đŸ¥³Pennies Foundation has agreed to offer a dollar-for-dollar match for the 2021 Lakejump! This includes funds already raised, and hopefully spurs others on to give (or give again)!Click here to give TODAY! There is just 3 days left to support moms and help make babies smile so don’t wait. And […]

Every Baby Needs Clean Diapers

What happens when a baby sits for too long in a dirty diaper? A lot more than you think.Diapers make a difference. In fact, a new survey finds 1 in 3 families in the United States experiences “diaper need” — difficulty providing enough diapers to keep a baby or toddler consistently clean, dry, and healthy.Not […]

Every Mom is Supported

Reason #28 for signing up for this year’s Lake Jump and helping to raise funds for our mission to see that every mom is supported!“I was a first-time mom not knowing anything and here (West Shore Family Support) I found answers. I received honest and kind feedback and even in a timely manner when we […]

Ready, Set, Jump!

Ready, Set, JUMP! The Ludington Lake Jump is underway! From now until May 15th, we are asking our community to come together to support West Shore Family Support and their mission to see that EVERY baby has clean diapers, EVERY mom is supported, and EVERY parent feels equipped. How do you join in? Here are […]

2021 Beneficiary Chosen

Go Jump In A Lake!! What else are you going to do this time of year in Northwest Michigan?! We are excited to announce that this year West Shore Family Support has been chosen as the beneficiary for the 22nd Annual Ludington Lake Jump! Visit their website to learn more about their mission to see […]