Who is good enough to take the Polar Bear Trophy from FloraCraft?

At last years 17th Annual Lake Jump event, the FloraCraft Team took possession of the coveted Polar Bear Trophy by fielding a team that raised the most funds for the Lake Jump Challenge.

Here is your chance to claim the coveted trophy

The 18th Annual Ludington Lake Jump will offer two challenges for individuals and teams to participate! THE JUMP will take place on Saturday, April 8, 2017 at Stearns Beach, at 11:00 am. The alternate date, if the weather is not cooperative, is Saturday, April 22, 2017. Or you can JUMP ANYWHERE there is water. See below.

This year the Mason County Sports Hall of Fame, and the proposed Sports Center is the benefactor of this year’s event.

Team Challenge: The team that raises the most funds will receive the Polar Bear Lake Jump Team Trophy, an All-Star-Team special t-shirt for each “team member”, and a Jimmy Johns lunch for each member. Your “team” can consist of anyone that desires to financially support your “team” with a minimum donation of $10.00. But hopefully you will consider a larger donation.

Individual Challenge: The individual that raises the most funds for the event will receive an individual M.V.P. (Most Valuable Promoter) Trophy, an MVP special T-Shirt, and Jimmy Johns Lunch (one per month for a YEAR!!

Jump Anywhere Challenge: Even if you can’t be present on April 8th you can still become involved by JUMPING in some kind of body of water. This can be a kiddie pool (seriously), a municipal pool, river, lake, pond. Take a SELFIE, complete the Pledge Sheet information, and raise what you can for the cause REGARDLESS of where you are located. Just join us in SPIRIT, join us for the CAUSE, join us as a Lake Jump PARCIPITANT. If you raise the most funds for the proposed Sports Center, you will be in the running for the trophies and T-Shirts.

Please see the attached 2017 Lake Jump Pledge sheet (www.lakejump.org) or FB at “The Ludington Lake Jump”, for additional details regarding the future Sports Center.

DOUBLE DOG DARE you to beat Team FloraCraft!

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